The Adagio String Quartet

Four gifted young musicians with extensive national and international performance backgrounds form this talented group, comprising two violins, viola and cello. Specializing in the classical repertoire, the quartet performs works by such masters as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Brahms. In a lighter vein, their repertoire also includes transcriptions of popular pieces by such composers as Pachelbel, Strauss, Vivaldi and Gershwin.

Impeccably attired in tuxedos and formal gowns, The Adagio String Quartet adds a note of elegance to any wedding, reception, or anniversary celebration, or might even serve as the centerpiece of a private recital or intimate musicale.

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Jonathan Trotta, Guitar

With what critics have called a “fluid style” and “sensitive interpretation,” Jonathan Trotta plays the broad range of repertoire for solo classical guitar, including the music of J. S. Bach, Claude Debussy, Francisco Tarrega, Miguel Llobet and Issac Albeniz. His masterful performances are ideal for intimate settings, cocktail parties, wedding receptions, anniversaries, and private concerts.

Jonathan Trotta can appear with costumed Flamenco dancers, as well as with a Flamenco guitar duo. A talented composer, Jonathan Trotta also accepts commissions for original works to honor special individuals or occasions.

“He is a talented guitarist.” Christopher Parkening

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Susan Jolles, Harp

Susan Jolles, highly regarded as one of America’s foremost harpists, is heard regularly on New York concert stages as soloist and principal harpist with the New York Chamber Symphony, the American Composers Orchestra, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, and as an associate member of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra.

Ms. Jolles’ recordings have been featured on classical music stations throughout the United States and Europe, and her interpretations of works by Stravinsky, Berio, Ravel and other composers have brought her critical acclaim. As a soloist, or in combination with flute, violin, piano, or string quartet, Susan Jolles’ artistry infuses classical music, as well as holiday standards and American popular songs with style and grace.

“Ms. Jolles not only plays the harp confidently and sensitively, but also acts as a rhythm section in the jazz-combo sense.” John Rockwell, The New York Times

“Jolles is a superb musician. The harp, in her hands, seemed a living creature.” Peter Goodman, Newsday

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Parthenia is a chamber ensemble (or more correctly, a consort) of viols, devoted to the performance of Renaissance music on period instruments. The viol, also known as the “viola de gamba,” looks like a cross between a cello and a guitar, and was the Renaissance forerunner of the modern orchestral strings. In the hands of Parthenia, this highly contrapuntal music from the time of Henry the Eighth, Elizabeth the First, and Shakespeare, seems floating, gently swelling and ethereal.

A truly unusual musical group, Parthenia has performed extensively throughout the United States and Germany. Their sound combines warmth and precision with the edge that gives early string instruments their appeal. Typically, Parthenia performs with five players. This "Consort of Viols" adds a unique elegance to very special events that discriminating guests will surely appreciate.

“Parthenia, a group that brings together several of New York’s busiest viol players, illuminated Purcell's counterpoint wonderfully . . .” The New York Times

“There was an appealing musicality in the way the Parthenia players addressed the music. Phrases were finely shaped and nuanced, and textures, carefully balanced.” The New York Times

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Pickwick Brass

This festive ensemble--a classic brass quintet comprising two trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba--is the purveyor of musical pleasures designed especially for the Christmas season. The Pickwick Brass offers all the beloved traditional carols, as well as popular Christmas hits, in original, slightly jazzy arrangements that wrap familiar melodies in bright and surprising musical colors that never fail to delight their audience. The ensemble performs uniformly attired to evoke an old-fashioned, Victorian Yuletide, decked out in elegant top hats, blousy white poet's shirts and black velvet vests set off with red and green silk ascots. The rich, brilliant sound of their concerted brass instruments is equally thrilling to hear indoors or out.

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The Magi Carolers

The Magi Carolers bring the joy and inspiration of the Christmas season to Holiday events. Configured either as a trio or a quartet, these classically trained singers perform all the best-loved traditional Christmas carols, as well as many favorite pop holiday hits. Dressed appropriately in charming Edwardian period costumes, like a print by Currier & Ives, the Magi Carolers evoke the warmth and the cheer of bygone Christmas seasons.

Attractively costumed and musically gifted, this vocal group is a delightful and essential addition to any Holiday gathering. After all, what's Christmas without carolers?

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