Reynolds and Cowan

Mark Reynolds and Kathen Cowan perform the music of the mountains: the ballads of the Appalachians, the cowboy songs of the Rockies, especially music from the green rolling hills of Ireland...songs from around the world.

The duo (sometimes they add a string bass to make it a trio) creates a traditional acoustic sound, brought to life on a twelve and six -string guitar, banjo, fiddle, Celtic harp, and seventy-string hammer dulcimer. Above it all floats the sweet voice of Kathen joined, vocally by Mark’s warmth and clarity.

During the holidays, Reynolds and Cowan perform songs and carols with a harmonious, rich, folksy sound. Family-style sing-alongs are especially enjoyable.

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Linc Band

For any event with a Caribbean theme, David Gaskin's Linc Band is the right choice. Dressed in colorful flowered shirts and tropical white pants, this Steel Drum band delivers the sunny music from the islands of the Caribbean. Typically comprising pans, guitar, bass, drums and keyboard, The Linc Band plays calypso, reggae and even joyful Caribbean renditions of favorite standards and holiday songs. Their music just may inspire a limbo or two!

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Village Green Bandshell Band

Evocative of balmy summer nights in the park, The Village Green Bandshell Band is a small brass ensemble that performs familiar Americana from the beloved melodies of Stephen Foster to the stirring marches of John Phillip Sousa and the foot-tapping rags of Scott Joplin. Smartly attired in blue-and-white striped oxford dress shirts, matching ties and suspenders, and straw boaters, the band comprises seven musicians--two trumpets, French horn, trombone, tuba, banjo, and drums. The Village Green Bandshell Band is the perfect choice for patriotic holidays and summer outings as it recalls the joyful music and spirit of a bygone era, when a picnic and a concert in the park made the day special indeed.

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Dodge City CowBoy Band

Playing authentic western swing music, the Dodge City Cowboy Band, in the tradition of Hank Williams, Bob Wills & his Texas Playboys, The Sons of the Pioneers and other legends of country music, this five-piece group livens up affairs from weddings to hoedowns. Instruments include guitar, fiddle, bass, drums and pedal steel-- plus lots of heartfelt, heart-sore cowboy vocalizing, of course.

Not a fancy bunch, the Cow-Boys appear in work-shirts, blue jeans, bandanas and well-worn cowboy hats.

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Steve Cohn

Steve Cohn is, quite simply, a unique musical phenomenon. Master of the shakuhachi (the traditional Japanese bamboo flute), as well as numerous other exotic oriental wind and percussion instruments, Mr. Cohn performs improvisation ally in a style that is evocative of the New Age, but is considerably more substantial and challenging than most music subsumed under that name. From the haunting and ethereal voice of the shakuhachi to the soul-penetrating ring of a Tibetan gong or singing bowl, his music transports his listener.

Mr. Cohn's expressive style has continually and dramatically evolved throughout his career. Beginning as a blues pianist in Los Angeles, then a student of shakuhachi in Japan for two years, a jazz pianist in San Francisco and ultimately settling in New York, Mr. Cohn has devoted himself to totally improvised music, combining unconventional use of non-western winds and percussion with a unique piano style.

The musical creations are spontaneous, and become interactions with the audience, environment and the other musicians he plays with. Steve Cohn’s critical reviews have shown him, and the groups he fronts, to be a unique experience of jazz-inspired improvisation in a global voice.

“Cohn’s intricate counterpoint and drama-infused harmonies are equally effective on muscular jazz-hued sprints and pointillist passages. His cogent use of ethnic instruments goes well beyond stock poses of texture and transcendentalism. There are few American pianists who have Cohn’s talents.” –Bill Shoemaker, Downbeat

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